Maxim Industry

Sphere of action:

  • Professional ballroom dance Teacher;
  • Teacher of Art in Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing Incorporated;
  • Teacher of the additional education;
  • Work Top International Adjudicator of WDC (World Dance Council) and NDCA (National Dance Council of America);
  • Professional show dance Performer;
  • Choreograph with a great pedagogical and artistic experience in more than 40 countries for coupled and singles dancers : (different styles of dance, rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating);
  • Manager and Provider of different events and show programs with famous business , pop , movie , TV stars in different artistic fields;
  • Chief-organizer of major International, European and Russian Competitions and Championships;
  • Designer of the dance costumes for show dance and ballroom competitions.


We can offer:

  • Solo and grooup professional exhibition performances on any stages of the World (sport and artistic ballroom dances together with stage production and thematic shows);
  • organizing and combining (at the customer's request) different top dancers, dance couples and teams of different styles of dance for creating unique show programs;
  • staging with the different level of choreography for any degree training dancers, sportsmen or artists;
  • making dance projects from the beginning till end in any field (sport, TV, theatre, show industry);
  • unique sport competitive preparatory programs for the amateurs, professionals and Pro-Am category;
  • international judging of sport competitions in different countries (WDC- licence – top world International Adjudicator)
  • services of the show presenters, judgers for any TV and show programs;
  • professional sport ballroom lessons (individual and grooup lessons) for any degree of training and for any age;
  • series of dance lectures on different topics for the universities, dance companies and teachers;
  • special adapt training programs for the figure-skaters, gymnasts, acrobats (dance ballroom subject is adapted for any necessary kind of Sport or Art);
  • musical-artistic and technical services of our DJ team and studio managers for creating unique musical compositions, starting from individual shows and finishing with full musical «items» for the huge dance projects and performances;
  • preparing of the dance «images», hear-dresses, costumes and make-up for the dance shows;
  • express trainings and preparing shows (dance parts) for the circus, theatre members and other members of Art and Sport;
  • help with creating and organizing sport ballroom competitions of the different level.


Interesting cases: 

Together with 3 professional dance partners, Maxim Kozhevnikov has created more than 60 showcases that will truly live in ballroom Show Dance History.

Maxim has written series of essays, interviews, articles for different world-famous dance and art publications. His interviews constantly can be found on the websites, newspapers, magazines and TV.

He worked with Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfinger and Karl Lagerfeld on a creation of the art-fashion show «High Fashion Week» in New York City.

Maxim Kozhevnikov worked with Donald Tramp at the show “Miss Universal”, as an art-director of the dance line.

Maxim worked with Jacky Chan at the Opening of Chinese Olympic Games in 2008 and with Liza Minelli at the series of charity concerts.

The participants of his shows were Beyonce, Celine Dion, JZ, Blue Man Group, LMFAO and others.

Also he made choreography and staging for some Broadway performances and musicals.

Many American Movie stars and the stars of the show business asked him to organize different shows.

Maxim made closed-door dance entertainments in Arabic countries for the rich sheikhs and East princes.

More than 10 year Maxim cooperates with the most famous and creative photographers of the World creating a series of art-photo sessions and albums with the subject «Dance».

Maxim Kozhevnikov was an art-director and choreograph of the individual projects for the Cirque du Soleil in the U.S.A.

Last 10 years he made choreography and staging of the dance parts for several shows in Las Vegas.

Maxim creates a conception and a choreography for the dance videos for the pop-music stars.

We can’t but mark that all musical compositions for all of his shows and sport programs he had made for himself, working as a real DJ.

As for today Maxim is the most copying choreographer and performer of his shows, f.e., «The Beat» was copied by many World and Olympic Games Champions (in gymnastics and figure-skating).


The strongest point of Maxim as a performer and choreographer is the wide range of styles he is gifted at. Some of the styles are: Ballroom, Modern, Jazz, Tango Argentine, Mambo, Salsa, Swing, Boogie-Woogie, Lindy-Hop and Hip-Hop.

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