Sphere of action:

  • Producer;
  • «Mastermind»;
  • Actor.


We can offer: 

  • the film - "Kick Ball Change"
  • organization of the meetings with the actors, authors and film directors
  • selling of the film for the distribution on local, international and Russian federal channels
  • release of DVD and posters
  • help with doc creating (maximum revelation of the big idea and organization of the shooting from "А" to "Z") for any subject
  • advanced technologies in the field of film creation, assorting of the professional light, sound, and other associated equipment
  • organization "before shooting" process (help with the designation of purposes and tasks, targeted audience, budget, terms; help with the creation of the scenario; analyses of the "basic material", naming, decorations)
  • help with the shooting process, help with the rough cut, continuity shot, narration and translation (from/into Russian), sound editing, final edit
  • help with the choosing film crew, actors, etc.
  • help with selection and preparing musical items for films and services of the professional DJ-s
  • help with preparing the materials for the final presentation of the film and help with its’ distribution: create websites, organize meetings with the film crew, authors, etc., create posters and other promo- materials
  • help with getting distribution certificate
  • organization and escort of the departure to film festivals, preparation all necessary documents for the participation in different film festivals


Interesting cases:

«Kich Ball Change» is a unique project about Art, creative work, inspiration and it shows the way that every Creator can have (it doesn’t matter in what kind of live he/she works, he/she can work as a chief-cook, painter, singer, sportsman, artist, etc.) - this film is about inspiration - how to find the inspiration in all that we have around us.

Here you will see the real work of all the people that stay behind dance shows, that we see when the dancers represent them during 2-3 minutes; their motivations, their emotional and physical exertions.

This film motivate the viewers to create, don’t stop, make mistakes and move on, believe in oneself, in our dreams and soldier on. The World is wonderful and it’s full of Art.

Here poetry, illusionism, conjuring, theatre arts and dance are combined. The authors shows how the past and the future intertwist together at the present moment in the artistic dance movements.

There is a personal story of Maxim Kozhevnikov – a multiple Professional Latin-American Show Dance Champion in the foundation of that film.

There are interviews of more than 30 specialists that work in the field of ballroom dance, among them: psychologists, psychoanalysts, and trainers, dance teachers, Professional World Champions in different categories, Finalists of World Latin-American, Standard and Show Dance Championships. Doctors, lawyers, Dj-s, designers for the costumes, hairdressers, make-up designers, reporters from the different dance organizations, organizers of the huge international and national Championships and dance Festivals took part in that movie. Also some unique moments from the home video with the trainings of the multiple World Latin-American and Show Dance Champions represents here.

The film has been prepared during 3 years in the U.S.A., in Bulgaria, Israel, Russia. Also some moments from more than 15 sport dance competitions (different Championships and Festivals) are used here.


There were 5 film crews whose work was combined in Israel under the guidance of Guy Sadot.

The whole world was a film set and locations for that movie: the roofs of the building in New York, cellars, swimming pools, medical center, yoga-classes, churchyard, etc. The film-set-geography is very wide – more than 15 cities all over the World.


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